Considering It

I’m considering taking birth control. I’ve never taken it before. The original reason was because we have had blood clots in the family. However, thanks to my over $3,000 worth of genetic testing, I do not have to worry about this any more. I’m free to take it if I want to. Of course this means I would have to move past the fact that there will be no surprise pregnancy. However, let’s face it, that’s probably not a bad thing. I love the path we are going down right now. I would also love to not feel like death is preferable to my period. My back aches, my cramps are strong, meds don’t touch it, heat only helps minimally. I hurt. So, considering birth control it is. This is an entirely new arena for me. Where do I start?

Of course, this too has also made it to the secret site, because while the fact that there will be no pregnancy for me if this comes to fruition is tough. For my mother it would be devastating. You know how badly she wants our geneticly produced offspring. This would send her over the edge. That makes me chuckle in a very wrong kind of way. I know this decision is personal, and don’t want her input.

There you have it.

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