All the Grown Ups

It appears that all of the grown ups are behaving better than I could have ever imagined. Mom and bio dad are emailing and getting to know each other for who they are today. They have decided to set some private time aside to reconcile their past when we go to visit. I’m so proud of them. So, we’ve also set time up for the five of us to all go to dinner together. My mother and I will be cooking dinner at our condo for them. So, I’m intensely thankful for all of the respect everybody is showing each other. It makes it easier for me to breathe.

This is me sighing a giant sigh of relief.

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  1. That’s wonderful!

  2. That is awesome news!

  3. This is great news!

  4. Yay! Such a great thing. Happy to hear it.

  5. Wow! That relly is great news. I can’t wait to hear how wonderful it all turns out!

  6. Oooooh, I am so glad they’re giving you the space to breathe. It was a rocky beginning, but hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here.

  7. Fantastic news! 🙂

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