Pleasantly Surprised

Today my mother and I were in a car accident. It’s written about over on my main site. I know that my bio dad reads my blog. He’s told me so. However, I know that he is also busy. So, I wasn’t sure if he read about the accident or not. In the back of my mind I was wondering if he would call? Would he care? What did I expect him to do? I wasn’t even sure. He did call. My husband saw a blocked number, and I was next door visiting my neighbor. So, I didn’t get the message until after he had already gone to bed. Bummer.

He called. He cares.

I am so touched. Our relationship is so new that I never know what to expect. Today made me glow from the inside out.

Every step I take towards establishing this relationship, I make sure to note how it feels. I want to remember this from the child’s point of view. Some day my own child will want to know his roots, and I plan on talking about it from the very begining. I want to remember what is in my heart now, so I can understand how my own child will feel later. It’s not about my parents, but about me. It won’t be about me as a parent, it will be about my child. Do I get a gold star for that?

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  1. Yes, you get a gold star!

    I am glad he called to check on you! Maybe you should let your bio dad know that his call made your day. It is always so difficult for everyone to take their new places in these kinds of relationships. It is difficult for everyone involved and it sounds like this is off to a great start!

  2. You’re worker will be very happy about your openness to discuss your child’s roots with him. You will get lots of gold stars!

  3. Yay! I agree that you should mention to your dad how much it meant to you – sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference.

    And yes, you get tons of gold stars.

  4. šŸ™‚ So glad he called. Gold stars galore to you.

  5. I’m glad he called. And that you had a clear-cut example of his care.

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