Holy Crap

Ummm…all I can say is holy crap I found my biological father’s parents. Holy crap. The strangest conversation I have ever had. It was very short, but they all but confirmed they are them. Phone number was exchanged, and are going to contact bio dad. They will call back soon, real soon…they said. Holy. Crap. What’s going to happen now???

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  1. Holy crap is right! I am guessing you found them online somehow? I hope that this all turns out in a positive way for you. I will be checking back for details.

  2. Oh I wish the best for you as you embark on this new journey!

  3. Thanfully it wasn’t very difficult, because it’s not a common last name. Kind of easy when there are only three of them. (My grandparents, my father, and his brother.) It didn’t matter which one I chose. I would have made it there anyway.

    I’m not expecting them to call back. It’s easier to have low expectations.

  4. Yes, it was online. Sorry, missed typing that in there.

  5. Holy crap! What is going to happen now is that you’ll perhaps have some answers. It’s good to have low expectations. But maybe you’ll be surprised by how this opens up a conversation. Does your mum know?

  6. Eeek! I think that I would be all trembly and nervous.

    What a journey you are on!

  7. No, she doesn’t. I have no clue how to tell her.

  8. Holy crap is an understatement. When you said you had to find out, I didn’t know you meant RIGHT NOW.

    Good luck on this scary journey. I’m sure you’ll find the right wayt to broach with your mom.

  9. Wow! I don’t know what to say but good luck and I hope things work out.

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